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Silversoft Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Robin Candy, Lloyd Mangram
Chris Bourne

Use of Computer: 77%
Graphics: 82%
Playability: 89%
Getting Started: 80%
Addictive Qualities: 91%
Value for Money: 85%
Overall: 84%

Hyperaction followed hot on the heels of Silversoft's previous release Worse Things Happen At Sea, but instead of a totally original game they turned back to using a more traditional arcade type of game.

Hyperaction is best described as a 'Pengo' meets 'Pacman' type game. You move around a randomly generated screen collecting objects (usually four) but you have some nasties chasing along after you. What makes Hyperaction is that you can't actually kill the baddies only trap them by pushing the blocks that form the maze in their path. Each screen is a game in its own right and subsequently has its own problems - sometimes collecting the objects will be enough to finish that screen or it might require you to eat all the blue out of the Artic Jelly fish.

Pushing the blocks is easy enough, just press fire and push the block in the direction you wish it to go; should the block meet the edge of the screen or another block then a further push will burn the block away. The blocks are an important of the game but on the last screen there are none and you have to survive on skill and speed alone.

Hyperaction is certainly the name of the game for this horrendously fast 'Pengo' variant. The graphics are very colourful and move smoothly, which makes this game a treat to watch. Sound is used well and the whole game has a very polished look to it. Hyperaction is highly playable and quite addictive though it is probably a bit too hard. Overall it is still a good game by today's stanndards and will doubtlessly appeal more to the younger players.

Silversoft took a bit of risk with this one, using older ideas and simple looking graphics, but they certainly aimed to make a tough, fast and highly addictive game and they succeeded. Because of those rather 'timeless' qualities, it has hardly aged at all and still represents excellent fun for anyone with fingers sufficiently nimble and eyes adequately bright

(Rob) I would keep the playability the same and lower all the other ratings by 10%.

(Lloyd) On the whole I think I would leave well alone, except on the graphics, which in all fairness are not worth the rating they got, but that was probably due to the system then in use in CRASH.