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Earlybird (UK)
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Hardware: Add-on
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Chris Bourne


WHEN THE Spectrum was first launched there was an avalanche of Load/Save and On/Off switches released for it.

The Earlybird Simple Sonic provides the normal Load/Save switching so that you do not have to swap leads, and also has a Play- back position. That sends the signal to a DIN socket on the box so that you can plug in your hi-fi: Space Invaders at 40 Watts a channel.

The switch on the front of the box also has a Clear position where, if a button is also pressed, it interrupts the power to the Spectrum to clear the memory. All in all, a simple little device and reasonably priced at £14.99, plus 70 pence p&p.

Early Bird, 31 Gleneagles Drive, Penwortham, Pres- ton, Lanes PR1 0JT.

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