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Tyepro (UK)
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Hardware: Printing
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Chris Bourne


THE LATEST item for the QL is a serial to Centronics converter from Tyepro Ltd.

It is housed in a grey plastic box and on one side there is a built-in lead to the printer. You must furnish your own lead to connect to the QL, but the ample instructions advise you on how that should be done.

The unit will drive standard Centronics interface printers from the QL RS232 printer interface, and so scores over normal Centronics interfaces in that no extra software is needed to control the interface. You are, in fact, using the RS232 interface inside the QL, together with its software. It has a switchable baud rate, via a dial switch inside the unit, from 150 to 19200 baud, so is adaptable to most printers. It is supplied set for 9600 baud, the setting for the QL Super Basic.

Though the converter is powered from the QL it does have a facility for running from a battery, should you want to use it on other computers, such as the Spectrum with Interface 1. The instructions also have a fault-finding guide.

All in all, for £49.95 a reasonable investment. It is obtainable from Tyepro Ltd.

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