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Theodora Wood
Chris Bourne


KELLY TEMPLE is presenter of XYZ On Air for Capital Radio, a programme dedicated to computers. He admits he is a beginner and his book, Capital Radio's Book of Computers and Simple Programming is aimed at beginners and is non-machine specific.

Twenty five pages are devoted to details of home computers. The main bulk concentrates on all the familiar features of Basic. There is nothing to recommend the book to owners of the Spectrum User Guide.

The Spectrum Data Log is a workbook intended for beginners, but tackles the subject in a different way. As captain of the Starship Questar the reader is led through a series of exercises covering the main commands in Spectrum Basic.

You are encouraged to write out the programs in the workbook in the spaces provided and design the graphics on the squared spaces provided. Spectrum Data Log is an interesting approach for young beginners.

Theo Wood

Capital Radio's Book of Computers and Simple Programming
Publisher: Interface Publications
Price: £3.95

Not Rated