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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne


THE LATEST issue of Computing in Print has just been published. Its publisher, Neat Quest, describes it as 'an up-to-date computer bibliography' and contains 2200 entries across a broad range of subjects.

There are 19 sections in all, listing books on such subjects as languages, computer awareness, business, robotics and engineering. Book entries include the title, author, price, and the international book code, ISBN, should you ever want to order it.

Each entry takes a classification of the type of reader suited to the book, from beginners to A level students, into account.

The information contained within the bibliography is up-to-date but, of course, only at the time of going to press. It is, therefore, not a complete list of books and if you want a text on a fairly esoteric subject you would be better off going to a book shop with a microfiche film reference machine.

John Gilbert

Publisher: Neat Quest, Cricket Hill, Yateley, near Camberley, Surrey GU17 7PG.
Price: £2.95

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