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Susan Curran
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Gary Evans
Chris Bourne


AS THE flyleaf of Susan Curran's book Get more from the Epson Printer points out, for many microcomputer users a printer is a major purchase. Unfortunately, this work fails to live up to the promise of its title.

The author cannot be faulted on the decision to concentrate on the Epson range.

The book falls down in that it fails to offer much practical advice on just how you may exploit the full power of your printer. QL owners will find some advice on how dot matrix printers may be used in conjunction with the four Psion packages bundled with the computer.

The details provided, though, are in no more depth than those to be found in many other publications dealing with the QL. There is no information concerning the Spectrum which may be used in conjunction with any of the printers from the Epson range.

Perhaps the weakness of the work is best illustrated by the section on user defined characters. While the author shows how you may go about defining an alternate character set, in a more understandable fashion than the manual accompanying a printer such as the FX80, that is as far as she goes. It could be expected that the book would offer a few character sets of its own.

A disappointing book which provides little information beyond that to be found in the documentation provided with the QL and printers from the Epson range.

Gary Evans

Get more from the Epson Printer
Publisher: Collins
Price: £7.95 (paperback)

Not Rated