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Nu Wave Software
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Fans of The Jung Ones should love this. Or will they? Who cares? as ID himself (but is he a "he"?) would say - and frequently does, it you're as good at this game as me! This is one for those people who like to engage in long surreal correspondence with the gas board as to why they plumbed your cooker into the bathroom. Hours of mirthless endeavour will come to no fruitful end - and you'll still end up making omelettes in your shower cap.

In its own immortal words the game plan is to piece together ID's shattered memory to discover "who I am, who I was, who will I be". The poor thing is an intelligence left on earth before time began and needs your help to remember his and our history. To do this you can use a line of text to ask pertinent questions. Warning: ID's idea of pertinent won't be yours.

The screen will go different colours according to ID's response - black for depressed, red for angry - and the amount of trust you win is shown as a percentage. Abuse o nonsensical questions lose trust. ID will want to know those closest to you (or the weirdest or fiercest) and will "think" about your answers and bring them up at the most unexpected times. It's sophisticated 20 questions, though "give us a clue" might be your plea.

The blurb hints that ID's persona is more sinister than it first seems - and some pains (in the neck, most of them) are taken to endow him with human qualities. He gets scared, crazy confused - even dribbly and scrungy. And he often gets annoyed, nay incensed, and demands that you speak to him. Aeons of amnesia have done nothing for his manners. ID even dreams and babbles with arcane clues secreted therein. But forget the pseudo-psychology - it's nearer Fraud than Freud. It provides a veneer of sophistication and a lot of red herrings. ID is a straightforward lateral thinking game. And like so many it ultimately fails because it takes itself too seriously. It lacks wit, humour and fundamentally, charm. Charm? Yup. Spock is logical and lovable. ID is just a smartass!