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Hugo Cornwall
Book: Paperback
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SO WHO is 'Hugo Cornwall', author of The Hacker's Handbook?

Biographical details given include the astonishing career details of a man who has a First in Mathematics from Oxford, has worked in a 'government supported facility in Gloucestershire' and in the South Atlantic. He is now, apparently, living in Brecon, mid-Wales.

Those details are spice on the cake as far as selling the book goes, and The Hacker's Handbook is crammed full of information and advice for would be hackers.

With worries about the security of data systems and computer fraud running at fever pitch, Cornwall insists that hackers are not intent on crime as such and states the hacker's aim, 'to boldy pass where no man has hacked before'.

The author is probably correct when he states that more information could be gleaned by judicious phone calls and contacts than ever would be gained by hacking round the networks. In fact, banks and such authorities as Prestel should thank hackers for pointing out the weak spots in their security systems.

The Hacker's Handbook is also a historical work detailing the results of famous hacks, like the Telecom Gold hack. It is an extremely useful handbook for anyone with a modem who wishes to explore a bit further than the pages of Micronet, containing as it does lists of protocols and radio frequencies together with advice from someone who is obviously an expert in network exploration.

Hugo Cornwall has laid down a challenge to his readers: who will be the first to hack his identity? That reminds me, I must contact my friends in mid-Wales.

Theo Wood

Publisher Century Communications
Price: £3.95

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