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Chris Bourne


THE SPECTRUM version of Micro Enquirer rewritten from old Computer Answers articles, contains aspects of computing which have nothing to do with the Sinclair machine and will be of little interest to Spectrum users'.

It is a cheap way of running off titles and the joins show. About ten percent of the information contained within its pages is about the home computer market, the rest being specialist and business sectors.

Any Sinclair owners curious about CAD, CP/M, MODULA-2, MS-DOS, MSX and UNIX may find something of interest, but they should pay no attention to the blurb on the cover which proclaims "This book will answer all your questions about your Spectrum..."

There is no mention of microdrives or the Interface 1, only a fleeting reference to joysticks and even the photographs are of hardware for other machines.

The Micro Enquirer: Spectrum
Price: £8.95
Publisher: Century Communications

Not Rated