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Adrian C. Dickens
Book: Paperback
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne


FEW PUBLISHERS have ever considered launching books about machine code on the QL or how to get the most from QDOS. While some have been capitalising on the power of the SuperBasic language others have just been worried whether the operating system will change or about how to treat the information.

Neither of these worries has hit Adder Publishing which has just launched The Advanced QL User Guide by Adrian Dickens. It contains just about everything that both software houses and the private individual require to launch into machine code programming.

When taking the first steps towards QDOS mastery the reader is introduced to a SuperBasic program called the Experimenter which will allow many of the 68008 registers to be changed. It also allows the beginner to see the results of QDOS routines, and how they will affect the running of the QL. Dickens suggests several experiments including suspending the operation of SuperBasic and printing a character on the screen.

The Experimenter is limited in its appeal but the author soon progresses into machine code manipulation of QDOS, giving a full list of QDOS utilities available and the traps required to invoke them.

Despite the sometimes convoluted style and the exorbitant price, The Advanced QL User Guide acts as an excellent reference book as well as a tutorial. It is a stepping stone into the heart of the QL.

John Gilbert

Adder Publishing
Price: £12.95

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