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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne


AS PREDICTED, the flow of QL games listings books has started and, ever to the fore, Granada, now Collins, Publishing and its seemingly resident authors Kay Ewbank, Mike James and S M Gee have released QL Gamesmaster.

The book is not to be confused with other titles in the Gamesmaster series. QL Gamesmaster has been written from scratch and provides some original and entertaining listings to enter for those who have nothing better to do with their time or £400 worth of Quantum Leap.

Ewbank and Co have tried to disguise the nature of the book by including an introduction which, in general, repeats the advice of author Roy Atherton in the Beginner's Guide which is packaged with the machine. Once they have got over that hurdle they sprint into a series of "simple but effective" program listings.

Admittedly, the programs are simple but the explanations do reveal new information about games design on the QL. That is not surprising as almost nothing has been written about the QL and its game-playing abilities. Programs include Ant Hill, Leap Frog, Frogling and Tadpole. You can probably take an intelligent guess as to what they look like and how they all play.

If you are interested in demeaning the abilities of your expensive new computer then buy QL Gamesmaster.

John Gilbert

Publisher: Collins
Price: £7.95 (paperback)

Not Rated