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Patrick J. Hall
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne


EVERYONE with a QL dreams of doing something useful with it but if you cannot, then you can always pretend you are doing something useful. That is a fairly accurate description of what Patrick J Hall is doing in The Real Thing? Microcomputer Simulations on the Sinclair QL.

The book is packed with practical simulation programs which take those who are willing to type them in, into the heart of the human circulatory system, into a gas turbine and on a trip to Mars.

The simulations are split into three categories which deal with processes, the evolution of natural forces and the planning of human endeavours. The programs use the full graphics and numeric capabilities of the QL. They can be used just for fun or for getting ideas for your own simulations.

The programs also have a more practical educational use. For instance, the gas turbine, stellar evolution and design of a reservoir could be used in school or college classes. Who knows, the town planning simulation could even be used by councils.

The descriptions of the programs, which are split up into SuperBasic procedures for easy reference and understanding, together with explanations of techniques, makes fascinating reading.

There is probably more in Hall's book about programming the QL than in most of the other books on SuperBasic put together. Hall not only knows his subject but has the rare knack of leading you at a steady pace through complex programming techniques without talking down to you.

While educationalists should jump at the chance to get hold of a copy, the home user will also benefit from Hall's wide experience on the QL.

John Gilbert

The Real Thing?
Publisher Sigma
Price: £7.95

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