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Cascade Games Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Tony Worrall
Chris Bourne

This game has got the kind of instructions I like - destroy everything! Short and sweet But then Implosion doesn't really need any more info than that. It's just a zapping arcade game from start to finish. Don't be taken in by the marketing bluff - "the most exciting multi-screen scrolling game ever", it says on the cover. Give me a quid for every time I've heard that! It's well produced and very good to look at, but the gameplay just isn't there chaps.

Okay, let's take a closer look. The aim is to liquidate every passing alien craft you come across. When one defence grid is cleared the next opens up, until all the grids have been polished off. Then the unlucky planet will implode, hence the name of the game.

The action takes place above and below a massive grid. Your ship is in the centre of the screen and in true Asteroids style the screen performs a smooth 360 scroll when you move about. In fact Implosion is very similar in style to US Gold's Last Mission, but it's nowhere near as involved or hectic. The aliens tend to travel in packs and sometimes creep up behind you, sapping your energy as they pass. If you like a little non-stop, mindless blasting then check it out by all means, but don't blame me if you get bored! It's a bit pricy as well. Nuff said!

An inferior Last Mission clone that's okay for half an hour's blasting, but there's little else of interest.