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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

YOU CAN stuff anything into the front of a diary these days and Pitman has added another string to its 1986 bow.

T h e Sinclair Reference Diary, by Clive Gifford and Tim Hartnell, is just one of a range of computer diaries launched for those of you eager to find a way to fill your loved ones' stockings. Approximately three-quarters of the slim publication is filled with dates - a week to a page - and the rest devoted to computer facts relevant to the Sinclair owner.

The authors tell you everything you already know about your machine and the others which Sinclair has launched, including the ZX80. It gives information about peripherals, Spectrum RAM map and system variables.

The back of the diary contains a London tube map and the principal rail services. There's also a forward planner for 1987. I've made a note not to buy this diary next year.

John Gilbert

Publisher: Pitman
Price: £3.95