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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Has anyone not heard of this cute little mole? He's starred in Wanted: Monty Mole, Monty On The Run and Auf Weidersehn Monty, making him one of the most famous characters on the computer screen. This is the latest of his escapades and has to be one of the best for graphics and gameplay.

You are Impossamole, the superhero of burrowing mammals, and have been chosen by aliens to save their world. To do this all you need to do is collect the sacred scrolls from the five guardians and return them to their rightful owners - a piece of cake.

Compared to other Monty Mole games Impossamole's quite a slow moving game. The little chappy trudges along the screen as if you were playing in slow motion, but it doesn't spoil the action too much and the well detailed and colourful compensate.

A lot of practice is needed to get far into the game. Nasties abound and come at you from all directions right from the start, some following a set pattern and some homing in on you. You're armed (or should that be pawed?) with a good karate chop and super weapons like laser guns and bombs can be collected along the way. Keeping your eyes peeled for energy and point bonuses is also a good idea (pity moles are more or less blind. isn't it?).

Impossamole would be excellent if the gameplay wasn't so tough. Until you've memorised exactly where each enemy comes from and what they do, it can be annoying to play. There's a massive landscape to be explored and many hidden bonus rooms so you get value for money in that department. Impossamole is recommended; especially if you're willing to persevere with it, it's a great game.




Screenshot Text

He leaps! He climbs! He flies! But then, he is a super mole (thank heavens).