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Mastertronic Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

The fireman hero featured in Mastertronic's latest, is not Hissing but Shuffling Sid. And you'd be shuffling too if, like Sid. you'd been shrunk in a shrinking plant fire. Being only half the man he used to be (bit like the Ed really) and only on half pay (like me), it's your job to find the stretching rack that'll return Ski to normal.

A silly scenario, true, but it's one arcade adventure that's offensive to nobody unless you're a dwarf! Although a cheapo, it's got nowt taken out when it comes to the basics of a satisfying game. Sure, it'd be better to know how much energy the nasties knock from you on contact, and, okay, his leaping about is a most peculiar movement - but this is Shuffling Ski after all.

Otherwise the graphics are cute, Sid cuddly and the thinking behind the game fairly thorough. The objects you need to collect to open doors are not always the most obvious - maybe the very fat mouse is of more use than the axe! Most access to the different rooms is up and down fireman's poles (yup, it's a multi-screened maze), but with the right objects on you, short cuts can be bounced through ceilings.

It's not as easy as it always looks, this fulsome family fun, and if you pass this over 'cos you think it's a cheapie, then that'll be your loss, - this Sid's not for hissing or missing.