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Melbourne House
Alan Tully
Book: Paperback
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

IF YOU ARE still enamoured with the Spectrum Z-80 processor you may have noticed the lack of good reference material about the instruction set.

There are few books which catalogue the instruction set, show the timings of each command, with examples of usage. The Z-80 Reference Guide comes as a pleasant surprise.

It starts with an introduction to the register sets and a general explanation of timings for each type of instruction. A page is devoted to each instruction giving a general description of usage, the number of bytes used by each, the flags affected by execution.

The book bears a striking resemblance to The Z-80 Programmers' Reference Guide, by Rodney Zaks. That includes a comprehensive course on Z-80 programming, something which Tully's book omits apart from a puny chapter giving hints and tips.

Tully's book will never beat Zaks'. It is, however, useful for beginners who want a quick reference to a particular instruction.

John Gilbert

Publisher: Melbourne House
Price: £9.95 (paperback)