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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Alkatraz Protection System

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Chris Bourne

Captain Johnny 'Jimbo Baby' McGibbets is not the sort of guy you'd want to meet at a party. Handsome, talented, strong, debonair, basically a total smarty-bottom. Not only is he going to bore you to death with some tale of derring-do in the skies, but that rather nice girl in the pink dress that you've had your eyes on for weeks is going to hang onto his every word, and eventually go for a quick spin in his Porsche (just to try out the new independent suspension you understand).

The first part of the game is all about reaching the enemy base. Once in the air, Jimbo punches up the old computer terminal. This gives him the heading of the enemy base. He then goes to the communication screen and punches this in to the beacon homer, then back to the main cockpit screen. The Gizmo is a bit unstable and keeps drifting off course. Jimbo only has just enough fuel to get to his destination, so it's essential that he keeps an eye on this.

Every now and then, a plane shows up. As soon as this happens, Jimbo shoots off to the comms screen and ask for the pilot's I.D... The pilot comes back with his name, and asks Jimbo for his codeword. Depending on the name given by the pilot, Jimbo must decide if he's friend or foe.., and then give the right codeword. If he gets it wrong, then the plane attacks. The enemy's missiles must be dealt with using flares or chaff, whilst Jimbo gets the gook in his sights and blows him away.

Upon reaching the enemy camp, our hero engages whisper mode and silently descends. The next part of the game is loaded as Jimbo takes on the forces of the enemy on land. Again, infiltration is the name of the game. Jimbo has to bluff his way past the guards. There are three possible missions for Jimbo to be sent on, and they must be completed without him getting captured, blown up, or running out of time. But Jimbo can do it - he's that kind of a guy (prat).

The place is jumping with guards, but, cool as you like, Jimbo just shows his papers and listens attentively when the guards talk to him. If he makes it past the guards and through the minefield, he's got to search the buildings. This is done by searching cupboards for passes, keys and uniforms to help him move about without being caught. Jimbo has an arsenal of useful stuff like explosives, grenades and sleeping gas to help him.


'I've been playing the Commodore version of Infiltrator for ages and got nowhere with it, and now the Spectrum version turns out to be just as hand This Is a pity because the shots on the inlay look very good and worth getting to. The graphics are very well done, and contain lots of colour. The game itself is smoothly animated and full of fast action. H you can work out how to play it then I 'm sure you'll enjoy it'

'Hmmm! I 'm not too sure about this one, the idea is great and the way in which its presented ain't bad, but the US GOLD team have made it a little too hard to get into. Flying around the countryside shooting down the various enemy planes is fun, but you get killed off very quickly so I haven't got into the next section yet - Ho-hum! The graphics are quite good and the sound is about average for this standard of game. If you like challenges then perhaps this is the game for you'

'Long awaited, but is it worth it? As usual, I don't really think so. The graphics are very pretty, but the game is too difficult to be any good. The whole thing is very well presented, but I don't really like it all that much. 'Nuff said? (NO!! - Ed.)'

Control keys: A down, Q up, O left, P right/papers, CAPS SHIFT fire, B battery, S initialise/sleeping gas, I ignition, G guns/grenades, M missiles, F flares, C chaff, H Head up display, W Whisper mode, 4 Comms, 3 computer, T boost, SPACE inventory, M mine detector, E explosives, C camera (phew!)
Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair, Cursor
Keyboard play: O.K. once you get used to where everything is
Use of colour attractive
Graphics: workmanlike
Sound: clicky
Skill levels: one
Screens: scrolling area, three parts
General Rating: Well nigh impossible, leave it to Jimbo.


Screenshot Text

Decision time, give the wrong ID and you're in for a tough time.

Jimbo at home base ready for take off.