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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Alkatraz Protection System

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Chris Bourne

The game that rocked America' fell onto the desks of the resident CRASH mob in issue 35. In this three level game you play the part of Captain Johnny 'Jimbo Baby' McGibbits, known to friend and foe alike as the Infiltrator (an improvement on Jimbo Baby!).
Climbing into the cockpit of a high-tech helicopter, you are faced with an eye-boggling array of controls. Once these are sussed out, you must locate the enemy base and land. Fight your way through the variety of security devices and you will find yourself on the final level, trying to escape in one piece. You can do it Jimbo; at stake are freedom, the American way, and more importantly, Mom's scrummy apple pie!

Unfortunately, Infiltrator is spoiled by awkward helicopter controls. At the start of the game I repeatedly crashed due to these. And once I actually managed to stay airborne, an enemy airplane came along and shoved a couple of missiles up my tail. Frustration caused me to give up playing long before I got anywhere near the second level.

Then: 72% Now: 48%