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Mind Games
P. Rawling
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne
Chris Bourne


FOURTH down and three. Will you run or pass?

If that means little to you then you are clearly no fan of American Football. Recent television coverage of the sport has aroused an interest in Britain, and Argus Software has responded by releasing a simulation, American Football.

The game is a strategy version, in which you as the team coach select your style of attack or defence from a menu, and the computer, or another player, selects a response. The results are displayed on the screen with animated graphics rather in the style of Football Manager, with small figures moving into various positions and working through the selected plays.

American Football lends itself well to computer simulation, as the real game is played as a series of tactical set pieces where the object is to gain as many yards from a single play as possible, before scoring a touchdown by taking the ball across the opponents' goal line. Since the game proceeds in fits and starts, the computer version does not lose so much realism as comparable versions of Soccer or Basketball.

Those who are not familiar with the sport are nevertheless unlikely to be enthusiastic about the game, as it only really becomes fun if you allow your imagination to visualise what is being simulated.

For those who do know something of the game, the program is much more fun, and can be heartily recommended.

Chris Bourne

Memory: 48K
Price: £9.99