Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Hello, what's this? There I am, drivelling on about how different, exciting and fun CodeMasters' Italian Super Car is and up pops a game almost exactly like it. American Turbo King - the location refers to the courses this time, not the cars - is very much the same kettle of fish and more than a mite whiffy, if you ask me. "Action! Action! Action" shouts the blurb, which is a slight exaggeration, as the game is both slower and less challenging than the Italian jobby. Here the control system is slightly different - left means that you go northwest rather than west, and you can't press two directions at once - but the game is very similar. Viewed from above, you drive through various terrains (California Beach Race, Rocky Mountain Pass and so on) in your turbo-charged , armour-plated supercar, which for some reason goes not a great deal faster than a C5. As in Italian Super Car, you have things firing at you, but the graphics are less impressive here, there's less colour, and it's all disconcertingly easy. I mean, if I can get to Stage Two on the first attempt, there's got to be something wrong. Ah, but you can use a Magnum Lightphaserâ„¢ if you happen to have one. Sadly I don't. Otherwise, a damp squib (glub glub).