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ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Never ones to hedge their bets, Hi-Tec have decided to take a break from cartoon tie-ins (don't worry - only for a day or two) and come up with something completely new - a puzzle game. They've even had a crack at writing their own plot! Here it is...

You're Insector (sic) Hecti. the world's first computerised detective (apart from Adam Waring, of course), and you've been assigned to the Interchange which has been invaded by Victor Virus and his deadly gang.

Crumbs. Now you can see why Messers Hanna and Barbera have got so much money. Still, not having had to lavish too much dosh on expensive cartoon characters means that Hi-Tec have had plenty to spare for coming up with a decent game. Or have they? (Thunderclap.) Well, yes they have actually. It's a puzzle game, as I may have mentioned already, and quite an original one at that. Like most puzzle games the screen is covered in coloured squares, only this time they make up a maze with lots of baddies running round it. Touch a baddy and lose a life. Okay, you might say, all fair and dinkum, but it sounds more like a maze game than a puzzle game. Can't you slide the blocks around or something? Well no, but you can rotate them by standing on them and pressing Fire. This is handy because the maze isn't quite there' to starl off with, and you can't get off the level until it is. It's also handy because if you're getting chased by a baddy you can flip the walls round and block him off. Or shoot him. (You get a limited number of bouncing balls - oo-er - for this very purpose.)

And it's really good, in a slightly crap budgety sort of way. Attribute probs make it hard to see what's what at times, but the overall effect is jolly addictive indeed. And with 50 screens, and things to collect too. we're looking at quite a barg. Go get it, I should.

An addictive puzzley maze game, in its own little way, with a useless plot.


Screenshot Text

Quite nice graphics actually. (It's just a pity things get so muddled up in all that green.)