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Palace Software
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Leigh Loveday
Chris Bourne

Tennis games, eh? Don't you just LOVE em? I always try to NET 'em when they come OUT cos they've got that ADVANTAGE over other sports sims. You just can't FAULT 'em etc, etc. Sorry, was that a bit tacky? (Uh huh. Ed).

Ahem. Anyway, if you can ignore both the hideous crippled hunchback on the cover and the efficiency with which this release has managed to completely miss Wimbledon, you'll actually find rather a funky little game in here. You may remember it from a couple of years ago - it caused quite a bit of bemusement with its spooky triangle people from hell replacing the usual player sprites. Actually these vector chappies and chappesses are one of the game's high points cos they're so crap. They look like Fingermouse on steroids as they drunkenly around the court and slowly belabour each other about the head with their racquets at the end of a match. Still, you hardly notice how unconvincing they are when you're busy trying to take your opponent's pointy head off with a 140mph service There are loads of fiddly options as well - ten camera angles, 72 tournaments (but just eight on 48K), seasons to play etc. So what if some of the graphics are Freescape (™) rejects? So what if the crowd sound like several people spitting down bamboo tubes? So what if you get beaten by a bloke called C Steeb? I hate tennis and I had a great laugh.


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If you read between the lines (ho ho), you can follow the tale of King Arthur and the blue giraffe. It's fun for all the family.