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Cult Games
Shaun G. McClure
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Out of a large heap of broadly similar-looking soccer games submitted by Cult, I decided to subject myself to this one. As always, the theme is management and the technique is to select the right things from the right menus at the right times. Out of all the football games I've been made to play International Football would appear to be one of the most comprehensive and hence most agonising to review.

Obviously the football takes place on an international basis - it centres around the World Cup. You get to manage the team of any nation of any level of obscurity of your choice and, even more obviously, attempt to lead them to victory. Or several other cups, in fact.

There are thousands of features listed on the inlay, very few of which I can even begin to comprehend. Those in the know will be relieved to hear that the game encompasses "average attendances", "relegation", "manager sackings" "+ much more". Sounds good to me.