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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Another welcome re-release, which originally appeared on Players' sister label Pandora, 18 months or so back. It's basically a Gauntlet variant, but with substantial gleamy brass knobs on. The setting's Nazi Germany, so if we could just pause tor a little goose-stepping practice (TOOM-CHUM-TOOM-CHUM-TOOM-CHUM). That's better.

Your mission is to get inside a highly fortified base, kill as many goons as possible, rescue your three comrades and then blow the whole place up. Simple? Could do it for breakfast. Actually it's extremely tricky, and requires superb timing and an almost psychopathic love of killing things. As in Gauntlet, you have to be careful about using things like keys to get around between the rooms, and there's treasure, food and spare ammo lying around too. Yup, ammo is not something to be wasted, partly because there's not much to go around, but also if a stray bullet happens to hit a barrel of gunpowder, ker-BOOOM! and you're as dead as Marie Stopes. An excellent game, with clear and attractive graphics and endlessly challenging gameplay Again, for a cheapie, unmatchable value.