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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Richard Eddy, Robin Candy
Chris Bourne

Issue 39 (April 1987) Page 109

RICKY: For a first release, from Interceptor's offspring Pandora, this was pleasantly surprising. The main attraction is the graphics: large and very stylish, with the emphasis on the way light falls on the characters and their surroundings.

The Eagles Nest itself is a huge fortress - you've been ordered to rescue captives held within its walls and then blow it to smithereens. But the enemy aren't going to let you just walk in and do the job - there are hordes of soldiers, all armed and all to be defeated.

The eponymous castle is divided into four levels and seen from overhead, in the familiar Gauntlet fashion. Each level is a maze of corridors and rooms, littered with ammunition (you can also find treasures to boost your score).

Into The Eagle's Nest is the most graphically pleasing of all the clones, but when you're a bit fed up with looking at it the actual task can become tiresome, especially as you usually die rather quickly.

If you want a Gauntlet game that can be mapped easily, then Into The Eagle's Nest offers something, but maybe it's priced a bit high for what it is.

ROBIN: Writing this feature was the first chance I got to see Into The Eagles Nest, and I was impressed. The graphics are very good, more spectacular than those in other games of this ilk. And gameplay can be fast and furious.

There's a strategy element involved in determining when you're going to collect supplies which are not replenished, such as a medical kit.

The only real drawback of Into The Eagle's Nest is that it grows monotonous. If this were a budget game it would be worth buying - but you can buy a better Gauntlet-type game for this money.

Then: 82%
Now: 70%


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Opening Pandora's box: Into The Eagle's Nest