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Pete Cooke
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Chris Bourne


XATRO is a cunning devil. He left seven parchments on Invincible Island, ready to be found by an aspiring adventurer. To find the scrolls you have to climb mountains, enter a walled area which looks like China and descend to the bowels of the earth.

Those locations, and many others, are displayed with colour graphics on the top half of the screen while the instructions which you give the computer - the descriptions of items found along the way - are displayed as text at the bottom.

The initial stages are easy and give no indication how difficult it becomes when you hit the wall of 'China' or find your first scroll. Our inclination, after wandering around for some time without much hope or help, was to concede but suddenly events took a drastic change for the better - we found our second scroll.

The infuriating thing about Invincible Island is that just as you are ready to commit suicide and pull out the plug in desperation the problem facing you resolves itself and the adventure takes an upward turn.

Invincible island graphics and storyline should keep everyone happy for several hours. It costs £6.50 and is available from Richard Shepherd Software, 23-25 Elmshott Lane, Cippenham, Slough, Berkshire.

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