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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Alison Hjul
Chris Bourne

Seb Coe's got nothing on our hero as he hurdles around a labyrinth of psychedelic corridors in breathless pursuit of bits of a dismembered robot's cadaver.

No, it's not a space-age Frankenstein travesty, but an above average maze game, embellished with stunning 3D graphics.

A megalomaniac robot has been dismembered by world rulers to curb its yearning for universal power. As the hero of the peace, your aim is to flee the maze and become I, Of The Mask, by collecting the robot bits and reassembling this hapless heap of metal.

Battling against a remorseless clock, you must head for the three crystals blocking the entrance to each of the maze's 32 universes. But, once you find the crystals, there's no time off for good behaviour. Using the laser on the front of your jet-suit, you must zap the crystal to activate it.

But don't panic and fritter away your ammo on any old crystal, 'cos each has its own function.

One will beam you to another part of the maze, one will transport you to the entrance of a nearby universe and the other will reveal a robot part, which must be zapped three times to render it harmless. This done, your score rockets, leaving you oodles of time to pursue your mission.

But, take heed! The robot must be collected in the correct order - from feet to Mask. If you collect the wrong bit at the wrong time, you'll lose a life. A pretty nerdish thing to do since you've only got three to play around with. But, still, it's worth risking one life just to give yourself a little more time.

I, Of The Mask takes a bit of getting into but, once you've got the hang of it, you'll be hooked. And don't waste time gawping at Sandy White's amazing 3D graphics - time's in short supply!