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Virgin Games Ltd
Adventure: Text
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9 (Supplement)
Chris Bourne

FIND THE ISLAND, find the treasure and return home with it. That is the challenge presented by The Island, an adventure game for the 48K Spectrum.

Leaving home and setting off for the island are simple enough if the player remembers to examine the map before leaving. Sailing towards the island produces one of the action sequences which are advertised on the cassette cover. The boat must be guided round numerous rocks and a crash will result in the central character's death.

It is a simple little game which seems out of place in an adventure game and which will send players expecting to be tested on their mental, not their manual dexterity, back to the beginning of the game many times.

The adventure has sufficient openings to persuade a beginner to continue with it and sufficient problems to test anyone. An addition to the normal adventure format is sound; the mosquitos buzz ominously, the flute plays tunelessly, and the computer reacts with different sounds to statements which it understands and to ones it does not. The Island is produced by Virgin Games Ltd.

Memory: 48K
Price: £5.95