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Crystal Computing
Martin S. Smith
Adventure: Text
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9 (Supplement)
Chris Bourne

FARAWAY islands, perilous quests, hidden treasures and ancient temples are the raw material of many classic adventure games. Crystal Computing's The Island is no exception. The program drops you from your aircraft on to a long sandy Pacific beach with the promise of an ultimate test of logic and deduction.

The island is set within the Ring of Fire, a chain of volcanoes bordering the ocean. Many explorers are said to have perished attempting to unravel the island's secrets and you are unlikely to be any luckier than the others.

The adventure is of the text-only type and is designed to run on 48K Spectrum. The initial instruction page tells you that the game will take the standard two-word commands and warns you to beware of red herrings, one of which you might unwisely pick up at the first location. It will explode with awful consequences shortly after. Movement is in the traditional N, S, E, W format but you may find it extremely difficult to get anywhere remotely interesting, as you will probably die or at least become irritated with the whole process after a relatively short time. Compared to similar adventures, The Island is dull stuff with nothing out of the ordinary to recommend it.

Memory: 48K
Price: £7.50