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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

All fans of Super Stuntman shout hoorah. For its sequel has finally arrived - Italian Supercar. Take control of a quattrovalve, turbo charged, jolly fast sports car in five thrilling levels of obstacles, ramps and deep rivers. Life's not as easy as it seems though: the levels are littered with red mines which could blow you to bits.

This game has CodeMasters written all over it - and not only on the packaging: the graphics and music are instantly recognisable. The small but excellently drawn sprites complement the obstacles and backgrounds, with colour being quite generously used. All the presentation is superb, animated title sequences, full screen display (no more ugly black borders) and a great border in the game itself. The music, unfortunately, is not the best I've ever heard and the effects do leave a lot to be desired.

The game can get very annoying at first. The way the car bashes into all the obstacles without any damage being caused is unrealistic, but does help the beginner. Once you've worked out in your mind where all the mines and ramps are you'll be able to complete the first level easily. The time limit is not very long so you have to get each level off to a fine art.

Italian Supercar is a good follow up to Super Stuntman, and all fans of the game will love it. A good, fun arcade thrill.