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US Gold Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Mark Caswell, Richard Eddy
Chris Bourne

The World cup reigns supreme! Italy 1990 is US Gold's entry into the footy stakes, and not bad either.

First move is to set playing options: choose keyboard or joystick, then pick a one or two player friendly match as a warm up, set the playing time or enter the big event itself. Next choose the country you wish to represent and go play ball.

The players are seen from a bird's-eye perspective, but their bodies are in view. The player under control is denoted by an arrow, this changes only when another player is deemed by the computer to be nearer the ball than the current one, or you hoof the ball to another player. The power of the shot is determined by how long the fire button is held down, coupled with the players' individual strength. When they arise, throw-ins, penalties, corner kicks and goal kicks add to the fun factor. Though the referee's ability to hand out yellow and red cards is a bit frustrating if you foul like crazy.

Italy 1990 is nicely packaged with background info on the history of the World Cup and a real chance to win tickets to the big match. The graphics aren't exactly stunning, but its fun to play, and that's all that really matters..

MARK ... 78%


'It's as if there are more World Cup games around at the moment than the footy teams in the actual championship itself! Good news is that Italy 1990 is a well-deserved qualifier. Wade through all the options at the start and you're in a decent footy match. The action is certainly fast - the player sprites are a decent size and bomb around the pitch. They're well animated too - you could get out of breath just watching them! One niggle is that when the opposition boot the ball way down the pitch you never know where your players are - you have to wait until one appears within the playing area. The on-screen presentation is superb; the option program, though taking up one whole side of the tape, is easy to use and graphically very detailed. This is a smart product - a neat game and a brilliant 68 page booklet which brings the atmosphere of the season into your home!' RICHARD ... 82%

Highly enjoyable footy romp with loads of atmosphere - bootiful.