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Chris Bourne


EASYLOAD from Maplin Electronics is one of those add-ons which displays the inherent limitations of the Spectrum. It fits between the Spectrum and a tape recorder and obviates the need to swap leads when LOADing and SAVEing. It also filters the signal to improve recordings and solves the difficulties which can occur if you have an AGC on your recorder.

It is sold only in kit form and is not really for the novice but with patience construction is fairly straightforward. The instructions are thorough and include a resistor code chart for beginners. They lead you through the assembly step by step and also have a section which shows how to test it before use.

A set of additional cassette leads it supplied with the kit and, once built, it can be fined and almost forgotten. Its only disadvantage is that it is battery-powered but a rechargable battery can be used and a socket is incorporated to take the Spectrum power supply for charging.

At £9.95 the kit is very good value and essential if you have cassette problems. A suitable case is available for an extra £5. Contact Maplin Electronic Supplies Ltd, PO Box 3, Rayleigh. Essex SS6 8LR or any of its shops.

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