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Chris Bourne


BUSINESS computer users are very aware of the problems of looking at monitor screens for long periods. The resulting eyestrain, has caused many firms to buy expensive filters to place over the screen.

The CEAF - Contrast Enhancement Antiglare Filter - from Romag is the first filter aimed at the home user. For £19.95, approximately half the cost of any other filter, you can protect your eyes until the last invader has been well and truly zapped.

The laminated glass filter is attached to the screen of a 14 inch monitor by four pieces of Velcro and, as well as giving a better picture, it also stops light being reflected from the screen, another cause of eyestrain. It even relieves the amount of static on the screen.

The filter is available in branches of W H Smith or direct from the manufacturers, Romag Safety Glass Ltd, Patterson Street, Blaydon-on-Tyne, Tyne-and-Wear NE21 5SG.

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