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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Hardware: Miscellaneous
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Chris Bourne


IT often seems that the only qualification you need to work in a computer shop is a complete lack of knowledge about computers. How often have you asked an assistant a question, other than the price, to be told "I think it uses something called Basic", "it's got nice graphics", or "the expert will be in after school"? Help is at hand.

Stephen Adams has brought out a pack with which all the shop assistant has to do is plug it in the back of a Spectrum and turn on. The computer will then cycle through seven screens which show what it can do.

The display is simple but it is better than being greeted by a row of blank screens in a store, simply because the assistant does not know how to load a program.

Further details of the unit, priced £50 plus VAT, from Stephen Adams, 1 Leswin Road, London N16 7NL. A customising service is also available.

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