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Chris Bourne


FOLLOWING last month when we looked at two reset switches for the Spectrum, this month, for a change, we only looked at one. It is from Rainbow Electronics and if, like me, you are one of the - unlucky? - ones without a Spectrum Plus, and are too lazy to make your own switch, it is nicely made and a useful addition.

It consists of a little black box into which the lead from the power supply is plugged. On top is an on/off switch and LED and from the side a lead goes to the power socket of the Spectrum. While it is not a substitute for a mains on/off switch it can save a lot of wear and tear on the socket.

Details from Rainbow Electronics, Glebe House, South Leigh, Whitney, Oxfordshire OX8 6XJ. Tel: 0993-5432. The switch is priced £4.95 inc.

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