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Chris Bourne


THIS month we look at two monitors from Citadel Products, the 101QL and Multitech MVM12G, both 12in, green screen models.

The 101QL is the cheaper at £79.93 including VAT with a simple black and white plastic case. The only user control is an on/off/ brightness switch under the carrying handle on the top.

It is to be hoped that you will never have to adjust the picture size or position as those thumb wheel controls can only be reached with the back of the monitor casing removed and the tube exposed.

The socket into which the video lead plugs is of the 'bnc' type which is rarely used on home computers. A special lead can be supplied for £5.95.

The MVM12G is a very professional looking monitor priced at £102.93 including VAT. It has a matt grey housing and is supplied with a swivel/tilt stand. On the front is a brightness control and power-on light.

At the back are the usual adjustment controls, and the video socket. There is also a video out socket, plus mode switch, to allow a number of monitors to be chained together.

Both monitors were tested on the Spectrum and QL. On the Spectrum both displayed a series of bright white lines across the top of the picture and the MVM12G suffered excessive shimmering.

On the QL the picture was better, the MVM12G still shimmered but had quite good definition and gave a bright picture. The 101QL gave the best picture with negligible shimmer, but with a black screen a moving band of bars was noticeable on the left-hand side. The picture was also dull, which on the Psion programs made parts of the Prompts window difficult to read.

The 101QL is reasonable on the QL and adequate on the Spectrum and seems the better buy of the two.

For further details contact Citadel Products Ltd, 50 High Street, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7EP. Tel: 01 951 1848.

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