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Hantrex (UK) Ltd
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Hardware: Monitor/VDU
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Chris Bourne


AS programs such as Tasword Two require good definition to give more than 32 characters across the screen, many users are turning to black and white monitors for a readable display. A special interface is not required for such monitors and they are a low cost alternative to RGB for the QL.

The Boxer 12 from Hantrex is a 12in high resolution, green screen, compo site video monitor designed for the home computer user.

The usual controls - brightness, contrast, on/off - are on the front, while others, such as picture size and position, are hidden under a flap, also on the front. It has an attractive silver grey casing.

The Boxer 12 costs £99.95 from Hantrex (UK) Ltd, Unit 2, Lower Sydenham Trading Estate, Kangley Bridge Road, London SE26 5BA. Tel: 01-778 1414.

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