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Star Micronix
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Hardware: Printing
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Chris Bourne


STAR HAS launched two new printer ranges, which, at the bottom end of the range, offer exceptional features at a reasonable price.

The SG10 is an 80 column 120 characters per second printer with a built-in 2K buffer, at a recommended price of £259. The SD10 has the same features as the SG10 but runs at 160cps, and costs £389.

The SG10 uses a typewriter ribbon and has an adequate printing mechanism. The SD10 uses a ribbon cassette and is capable of very good quality print.

What raises these printers above the standard of the Epson is the wide range of print styles produced. As well as enlarged, condensed, italic and so on, you can select near letter quality and proportional spacing. The printers are compatible with both the standard Epson and IBM commands.

On the face of it both the printers are good value, but the SG10 at £259 has the edge. The SD10 is fast but that is its only advantage over the SG10.

Star Micronics UK Ltd, Craven House, 40 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W5. Tel: 01-840 1800.

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