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Chris Bourne


ON/OFF SWITCHES seem to be popular at the moment, two arrived from Tec, one for the Spectrum and one for the Spectrum Plus. Both clip onto the Spectrum via the power socket.

They add a professional touch to the Spectrum and are nicely styled to match it. Well worth the £4.95 each.

Tec also sent its latest product, a Data Binder. For £5.95 you get a two ring, A4 binder, four dividers and a card with Contents written on it.

Similar binders cost £1.99 in WH Smiths and dividers 50 pence, but then you will have to print your own pieces of card with Spectrum on them. Heaven forbid, shop in Smiths.

Tec, 24, Victoria Road, Bromsgrove, Worcester B61 0DW. Tel: 0527-74567.

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