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Hardware: Monitor/VDU
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Chris Bourne


THE SPECTRUM is well known for the quality of its display, from tolerable to downright diabolical. In order to get a steady picture you either have to be very lucky, or invest in a monitor.

For serious users, and those wanting to use Tasword without glasses, Lawtronics has released an RGB Monitor interface which allows you to connect either a TTL level or linear - analogue - monitor to the Spectrum. Linear monitors can display different brightness levels while TTL has only the one setting.

The interface has a useful through port for other add-ons and a standard DIN socket for the monitor. That socket is configured so that monitors that work with a BBC can be plugged straight in.

At £45 the interface is a little expensive but the through port and the ease with which suitable cables can be found to fit it make it well worth considering.

Lawtronics Ltd, 139, High Street, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5AX. Tel: 0732-865191.

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