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John Bethell
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Gwyn Hughes
Chris Bourne

Gung-ho heroics or a futile waste of life? In the abstract sense Iwo Jima, like all battles in all wars, was really the latter, but in the context of World War Two it was a major strategic move to secure victory in the Pacific.

Anybody who saw the Falkland's game will recognise the style. You have a set time, depending on level, to clear the island. Giving commands is eminently simple - it's all done with three keys - 1 and 3 scroll the options while 2 selects. There's no need to take units in the order they're presented, though this can become rather tortuous as you have to reject earlier units.

Limited information is important; you wont discover that field gun until you're right on top of it. It's a slow, methodical sweep across mainly mountain and scrub terrain with delays as you encounter heavily fortified positions.

While the small scale map means that everything is on screen all of the time, it also keeps everything fairly simple. As with its predecessor this could be a good introduction to the genre for any prospective arm-chair general though it's unlikely to provide established tacticians with a major challenge.