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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

We know you. You're a nipper at heart, aren'tcha? You little weasel! What wouldn't you do, eh? Given half a chance you'd be nipping around town causing trouble. Nah, don't you look at us with those baby blue eyes, you don't fool us. You'd like to play a game called Jack the Nipper, the tale of the naughtiest boy in the whole town.

One evening, when his mum and dad thought he was fast asleep, Jack fell against the side of his cot and bingo, it was open. He was freeeeeeeee! Now all he had to do was get his trusty peashooter down from its shelf and he could sneak out and cause lots of lovely mischief. Heh heh heh.

Having procured his 'shooter and made it as far as the living-room the problems of getting around town become clear. Being such a notorious nipper, everyone recognises him and, if they catch him, they give him a good smack. Every time he gets a smack (and this is a natural reaction, and I should know. Never mind how!) he wets his nappy to bring on the old nappy rash. Once you reach a certain saturation (yuk!) of 'rash' you lose a 'life' - or to put it another way, change your nappy. You've only got five nappies so you have to box clever to avoid any close encounters of the ... er ... spanking kind.

Throughout the game there are over twenty naughty, nasty, evil, not to say devilish, pranks, japes, wheezes and plain dirty tricks. You can send the launderette into a spin. You can glue up the teeth in Gummo's Munching Molars. You can even put a sock in it at Hummo's Socks, or put a credit card in it at the Bank. And frankly, scaring the cats at the Police station (and the other places they can be found) is a hooting good way to pass the time.

So, what's this nipper got that other game lack, hmm? Well, for starters the game contains surprisingly bright and loud sound effects of genuine arcade quality. The graphics virtually leap off the screen at you. All the characters are nice big, well masked sprites, which avoid attribute foul-ups the sensible way, by having mostly one colour throughout any one scene. And the graphics have that comic book look, but not your American superhero type, more the Beano and Dandy style. The Bash Street Kids are back!

Jack The Nipper will be a confident hit I'm sure, bearing, as it does, all the hallmarks of a lasting favourite.

Heh heh heh.


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After a couple of trips to the shops, Jack must've made a little map 'cos we found this in his room. If you're goin' to make mischief all over town, I s'pose you've got to be organised...

Spooky goings-on going on in Jack's bedroom tonight. If he wants protection he must get tooled up. Aha, what's that on the top shelf? A peashooter! The perfect thing!

A chest of drawers is a thing you put clothes in... or a ladder, depending on your point of view. Climb up here by jumping up, drawer by drawer. And position yourself for the jump to the bedpost. Run and just as you're treading air, j-u-m-p...

Huh. On the shelf again! You pounce on your spitball peashooter and stuff it hastily into your fluffy little pockets. To get out of your room without touching any of the spooks, jump back onto the bedpost, then the chest of drawers, then jump out of the top of the door into the next room.

Not really very sure what this is. It looks like a crocodile wearing a dress made of sackcloth. The creatures in this game are obviously the products of a deranged imagination... just like YS.

Ooer! Balancing on this bedpost makes you really giddy. Now, you've got to jump to the next post. Not as easy as it seems. Run off the edge until you're hanging on just by your heels, then l-e-a-p...

The spooky little ghosts who look like jellies wearing deely-boppers ar worth shooting if you can spare the time. Your naughtiness jumps up a bit for each one of these little beggars you blow to ribbons.