Marlin Games
Linda Wright
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

The Sorceress
Chris Bourne

Jade Stone is a two part PAW'd adventure costing £2.95 from Linda Wright. Linda has set up her own software company, Marlin Games, 19 Briar Close, Nailsea, Bristol BS19 1QG.

In jade Stone you get to play the adventure as a woman - makes a nice change! You are Amanda, the lovely daughter of Lord Senides from the Kingdom of Nulom. You recently became engaged to your childhood sweetheart, Amanton, who is a likeable, kindhearted guy ... but a wimp!

You have to rescue Amanton and your father from the clutches of the evil Mallumo and only the legendary jade stone will defeat him.

You would do well to examine everything within the reams of text. There are lots of puzzles - some easy, some not so easy - but all of them are fairly logical. A well conceived adventure, very well written, and it contains lots of humour.

Not Rated