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Beyond Belief
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Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Who's this Jimmy geezer? Jimmy Greaves? Jimmy Jones? Perhaps it's Jimmy Riddle?!

Nope, he's a soccer manager and he needs your help because he's crap at his job! The Kettering team have never been well known for their amazing skills so they need a bit of sorting out in true football management style.

Fans of management games will know the format these things take. There are a few menu screens filled with various options then lists and lists of players' names and details to be waded through each time you play.

One bonus with Jimmy's (sounds like a medical program with lots of blood and gore, doesn't it?) is you get lovely mugshots of the players when you look at their info and there's even an animated graphic of a team manager when the phone rings - amazing stuff!

In my humble (as in lowest of the low - Ed) opinion, companies should always make an effort to recreate the actual football matches in games like this, I hate it when you play the game and only get a clock counting the minutes and the odd highlight when someone scores a goal. How boring! I suppose you could argue that the reason for playing is to experience life as a football manager so don't need the flashy graphics and effects. That's only an excuse to avoid making the effort.

Jimmy's Soccer Manager will probably make all fans of such games jump up and down in delight. The truth is there are much better soccer management games around if you look for them - and you won't have to look far. I find looking at endless lists of names incredibly boring, but fans will always say, 'We were never being boring because we were never being bored!' Hmm, exactly, (Christ, Nick, sometimes I worry about you -Ed).

NICK ... 30%



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I can't accept that offer! He's worth at least £2.50 and a pickled egg!

Hmm. Seems like a nice boy!