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Melbourne House
Beam Software
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

In the dark and grimy streets of Mega City One, crime lurks around every corner There's a perp in every doorway, just waiting for an opening to do you over, rip you off, sell you some tobacco, or shine your shoes. There are a million scullion sob stories in the naked mega city, and it's your job to see that you, or anyone else, doesn't become yet another one.

You are Judge Dredd, the most feared, respected, efficient, sharp shooting, square jawed, and just plain rugged, stubbly Judge in the whole darn city. It's just as well 'cos all hell is about to break loose. You've got to drive to a handful of crime scenes, seek out (and dispense a bit of rough justice to) the gun toting perps, without accidentally icing any innocent citizens, and get on to the next job. Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Phew! It's hard work, 'cos the perps are spreading through the city faster than you can say 'I Am The Law!"

The game takes place in the great Ghostbusters tradition on a map of the city. You race your little Dredd cursor around the streets of the map, clicking your fire button on the flashing crime scene. Once you've selected a city block the scene changes suddenly you're leaping (and what leaps!) around the platforms of the city, where you must hunt out and kill the perp before he literally gets away with murder.

Judge Dredd plays very well, and is similar to Virgin's Dan Dare in style with lots of gritty action, and a horde of animated baddies. You have to shoot, but avoid being shot, which involves a sort of Space Invaders tactic. You remember the old shoot, move, shoot, move... etc. When you push up on the joystick. you jump high up to the next street level out of harms way. There are about ten levels in each cityblock, and lots of ways to nip around them.

The graphics are particularly zarjaz, especially the little figure of Dredd who has a range of macho poses to suit even the most demanding 2000AD snobster.

I love it! Enjoyable to the very last drok!


Screenshot Text

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Oh, no it's not. It's the map of Mega City One, from the first part of the game. You are the Dredd cursor (near the top of the building on the right) and it's on this screen you select a crime scene by pressing Fire. The crimes pop up pretty quickly, though, so you'd better get going fast! Each crime is depicted with an icon on screen, like tobacco smoking, mugging, arson, fatness... you know the type of thing. Go get them perps, Lawman!

At last! You've cornered the perp twerp on level 2-1 of Erwin Rommel Block. He's armed and dangerous... but so are you, Dredd. The big problem is trying to tease him onto a level where there are no obstructions, like robot dogs... better still, blast the robot dogs, and fight on the cleared level. Oh yes, don't try to shoot around the guardian robot (like the one on the top platform). They're impervious to your shots, and will only deflect them away from your intended collar.