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DK'Tronics Ltd
Don Priestley
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Hall, Tony Samuels, Mark Knight
Chris Bourne

This is one of those slide puzzles, the kind that used to be found in Christmas stockings and crackers every year. You start with a picture grid, and all the squares jumbled up; your job is to put them back in order.

Tony: The pictures generated are of a particularly high standard and use colour to the best advantage. But needless to say, they are generally static and. therefore, this is less of a plus. 6/10

John: Having instructed the program to move one of the squares, it shifts to the new position very quickly. Sometimes the response to the player's commands is so good, the wrong section moves. 7/10

Mark: The pictures generated are superb, and the speed of the program is very fast, giving a good response time — apart from when it's jumbling the letters which takes about 15 seconds. 8/10