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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Anyone who comes up with a game that begs to be called Clap Trap and has a hero named MT-ED (geddit?) surely deserves some credit. But the question is, does the game?

The fun takes place on Earth which has been taken over by the Cat Men. These purr-fect aliens are rampaging across the mother planet following a nuclear cat-astrophe and it's now up to you with the help of your remotely controlled exploration droid MT-ED to get to the heart of their defences and save the world. Sound familiar?

Luckily for you MT-ED is extremely manoeuvrable - as well as moving laterally he can also squat and jump. And he's going to need all these skills if he's to travel through multiple screens collecting various weaponry (bullets, grenades and even water!) and wipe-out all those nasties. To use your weapons you must key them in - on-screen graphics indicate which one you've employed. And you'll have to be pretty dextrous with the old digits if you're to survive 'cos it's hard enough just to guide your droid.

To add to your problems your power pack is so small that your poor old droid gets dog tired very easily and collapses in a heap with great regularity. Although you can recharge yourself, no sooner are you fighting fit than you're surrounded by feline foe again. At least you've got five lives to play with before it's the final cat nap in the sky.

As a budget game Kat Trap might be a capable afternoon's caper but as a full price frolic? Pull the other one Streetwise! The graphics, though clear, are less than imaginative, even if they do scroll smoothly. And even the scenario isn't terribly original. But don't let that put you off - I'm sure some people might find these cat-like capers fun!