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Ian Heath
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Lucy Broadbent
Chris Bourne

When it comes to potting balls, chalking up and leaning over the green baize nothing beats a testing game of Pool. Except perhaps a new computer game from MAD, which will have you glued to your screen, not stuck to the bar waiting for your turn in the pub.

Based on the traditional game of Pool but played on a hexagonal table, it'll sort the Steven Hendry's from the plebs. It needs skill and thought which, whether played against a partner or the computer, make it not only an exciting game, but also good practice for real-life Pool-shooting.

Choosing from a selection of frames, your aim is to clear the table of balls, saving the black until last and accumulating points. But it's taking the shot that requires the accuracy and it's that which makes it exciting. Position the cursor at the aiming point to which the cue ball will move, choosing your angle either next to one of the balls or on the cushion; then set a spin on the cue ball with its separate diagram; and finally decide the speed of the shot and fire. The computer will then take the shot exactly as you have arranged. But take your time, you're only allowed three misses.

It's simple and better than the real game because the smoke won't get in you eyes, and if you're not very good at Pool, you don't have to find yourself an unwilling donkey to suffer your game playing.

Challenging yet simple Pool simulation that will have you right on cue. Very good value.