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Nick Fleming
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Kemshu gave me a few problems at first: how could I start the review when there was no plot or even decent instructions to quote/make fun of!? Well, I've decided not to do any quoting but just to... explain the game! (Cripes, I sound like an early-evening gameshow host).

You start off with a screen full of differently coloured tiles which you must surround with squares of a target colour. This is achieved by 'sliding' the columns and rows of tiles until an incorrectly coloured square is surrounded by squares of the target colour. This then turns into a correctly coloured square with a sort of 'crunch' noise. Turn the whole screen into the target colour within a time limit and you win: run out of time and you lose. A simple idea, but then simple ideas are usually the most successful: look at Split Personalities and Think.

Kemshu would be a very addictive game but unfortunately it's too easy; I managed to beat it (yes. again!) on about my tenth game and on a black and white TV too!

If you have a very small number of brain cells this could be the game for you but people with as many as me (four) may find it a bit of a walkover.